High-Pressure Washing

Having a completely clean and clear surface is absolutely essential to any paintjob. High –pressure washing is the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to clean a space for painting. It requires no chemicals and no scrubbing meaning we can prepare the space quickly and start painting. It is also perfect for the clean up process, especially on exterior surfaces, meaning we can present the finished product in the best way possible – completely clean and free of any imperfections.

Our high-pressure washing service is not only perfect for preparing and cleaning up for paintjobs; we can also provide services in:

  • Residential high-pressure washing– we clean, seal and reseal all kinds of hard surfaces using either cold water or steam cleaning methods. Our equipment is also perfect for cleaning the exterior of your house to remove any built up dust and dirt, so your house will look exactly as it did the day it was built.
  • High-pressure driveway washing and sealing – your driveway is the entry and exit point to your house meaning it is the most used part of your house. Over time it builds up a lot of dirt and grime and before you know it your driveway has become an eyesore detracting from the look of your house. Our high-pressure cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime as well as any weeds and mildew, restoring your driveway and giving your house an entry point you can be proud of. After we have cleaned your driveway we can seal it, to protect the concrete from water, weather, oil and grease stains – extending the life of your driveway and allowing more possibilities for painting and staining.
  • Timber deck cleaning – that timber deck you built ten years ago has been the site for a lot of summer parties and barbecues, but over the years its lost its shine and finish. Our high-pressure washing system remove any moss and mildew so that you can oil up the decking and have it looking brand new for when summer rolls around. If you’re slipping and sliding on the moss and slime on your timber decking, let Clean Path ready your deck for the summer. Our high pressure cleaning system will cut right through the moss and mildew, so that you can easily apply a sealant or natural decking oil, and then settle in for a relaxing BBQ.
  • Commercial high-pressure washing – revitalize your commercial space with our service. Clean the façade, car park and any other service that needs a clean up.
  • High-pressure factory washing – we work in a way that suits your needs; we ensure we comply with al risk management, environmental and OHS standards and finish the job quickly to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Tile and paving cleaning – we can restore your residential or commercial paved and tiled areas, to have them looking brand new and free of weeds, moss and mould.

Established in 1961, Falzon Painting & Decorating are a second-generation family of painters and decorators who have built a solid reputation throughout the Sydney metropolitan area as experts in residential, commercial and industrial painting and decoration services. Our projects range from residential houses to large commercial projects including schools, churches, clubs, hotels, government departments, medical centres, retail shops, and commercial offices. We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail and always exceed our client’s expectations. Every job receives our personal attention and is individually tailored to suit your needs. We offer a complete painting and decorating service and work with you to create the perfect painting solution for your project.

Depending on your project, our systems for interior/exterior work include:

  • High Pressure Washing and Softwashing
  • Airless Spraying
  • HVLP Spraying
  • Conventional Spraying
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Minor Carpentry and Repairs

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